Every evening they'd put the birds back in their cages and cover them with a sheet. It was early enough that we could watch and say goodnight to the birdies. And every morning we'd be having breakfast early enough to see them wake up the birds, take them out of their cages and put them on their various perches. And during this ritual we'd eat our breakfast and listen to Miguel play the harp (or "harpit" as Everett insisted on calling it). 

After breakfast we'd go for a dip. "Swim like a fish?" is Everett's way of saying it's time to get in the pool.

Those thighs! As Alice wobbled around the pool, pretty much every single person remarked on her thighs: how much they wanted to squeeze them, how much they wanted to bite them, how much they wanted to kiss them, or just generally how much they loved them.

The center of the pool had a 3" deep shelf, so she was frequently parading around, right straight through the pool, waddling left and right like a penguin, plopping down only when she found the right spot for splashing.

Exactly the same age, Everett and Jonathan were fast friends.