It's so interesting to see how early girly mannerisms emerge! On her tippy toes, batting her eyelashes, and cooing, Alice is already a girly girl.

Her favorite activity on this trip was walking around (or through) the pool and introducing me to everyone. She walk up to someone and say hola. The conversation would go like this:

Alice: "Hi."

Stranger: "Oh, hi! Aren't you cute!"

Alice: "Mommy." (pointing at me)

"Oh, that's your mommy?"

"Daddy." (pointing at Scott).

"Oh, and that's your daddy."

"Sunscreen." (or astronaut or ball or flower, depending on what she was holding at the time) and hand it to them.

"Oh, yes, sunscreen. You want me to have it? Ok! Here, you can have it back."

"Tankyew. Bye."

We pretty much did that 37 times. 

 Everything looks like a barre when you're wearing ballet slippers.

One of the staff members so generously made these absolutely incredible balloons for the kids. One evening he was chatting with us, and promised he'd have a surprise for us the next day. We didn't really think much of it, so when he appeared with two of the most impressive, elaborate balloon "animal" figures, the kids – as well as the grown ups – were blown away. A Cinderella for Alice and a Superman for Everett, although truth be told, they have no clue who the characters are. But they loved them anyway. Alice got a little bit overzealous hugging them and one ended up blowing into the pond a couple times… they didn't survive more than an hour or so, but they were a huge hit nonetheless. On our last day, we got a knock on the door and it was the same gentleman with a Super Mario Brother for Everett, complete with mustache and all! Again, Everett doesn't know the character, but he loved that thing and played with it all day. The funniest part is that some of the ink from the 'M' on Mario's hat ended up on Everett's nose and we had to wipe it off, saying "oops, Mario got some ink on your nose". Ever since, every time we wipe his nose he says "Super Mario did it."