Everett is really interested in traffic lights, watching them change to red and green, telling cars when the stop and go. And a big part of this is knowing when to cross. We talk a lot about the red hand and the white walking man and making sure it's safe before crossing no matter what color the lights are.

And he always says "Remember the car accident?" referencing a fender-bender that we passed on the way to school once the very first week of school. And I say "I do remember that car accident. That's why we always have to be careful! Right?" And I wonder about the driver of that car and if they only knew – they're the example that's ingrained in this kid's mind and will (hopefully and ideally) always be a reminder and reference to be careful and watch out for cars.

It's a little less stressful when they're strapped safely into the stroller. 

 Everett spent a long time climbing on these boulders. He had so much fun hiding behind them, getting in between them, jumping on top of them. We could have let him play there all day.


At a certain point, Alice decided she wanted to climb the wall. Every time she wants help, she makes this super fake exasperated exertion sound "uh uh," like she's trying but can't. She does this in lieu of actually trying. It's really funny. Especially when it's over something like trying to climb the exterior of a 60' prison wall. (Ok, technically it's not a prison, it's a jail. This mural is on the exterior of the Brooklyn House of Detention.)

The only way to cap off a morning in Central Park is with a Shake Shack burger. Alice flirted with a neighbor and Everett took our picture.

"Say Cheese!"