It's sad when it's late April and you're still cooped up inside because the freezing winter temperatures haven't lifted. But we find ways to entertain ourselves inside. Jumping on the sofa, flying airplanes, and sometimes even climbing into the stroller and pretending we're going out for an adventure.

Put her in a fancy dress and she looks like such an elegant little lady! Usually she's in too-tight leggings, sneakers and one of her brother's old sweaters, so it's such treat to see her dolled up.

Our little Easter bunny.

Donuts and daffodils.

We did have one day where it finally got warm enough to go outside. It was our first time to the farmer's market and playground in months, and the first time we've been where Alice could run around, climb up steps, go down slides, and really enjoy herself. It's a whole new phase!

 We took a little excursion to the Children's Art Museum in Manhattan to meet up with a classmate of Everett's and make an (artistic) mess!