It's amazing how fast Alice is learning and growing. She already speaks so well, speaking in full sentences. Alice says things like "I need it!" "Book fell down. I get it." and "Put that on? Put jacket on." The gender stereotypes are true, Alice is always wanting to dress up and drape clothes over her shoulders. Anything that looks like jewelry also gets draped over her shoulders anything hat-like goes on her head with a triumphant grin. And she'll take any opportunity to try to Mommy's shoes, especially if they're heels.

But she's still the little sister to an older boy, so she has to use her imagination most of the time. Surrounded by dinosaurs, astronauts, trains, and trucks, she'll be a tomboy, for sure. We went over to a friend's house – parents to a 4 year old girl – and Alice went wild playing with ponies and a dollhouse and all things pink. On our way out the door she pointed at a sparkly, iridescent, purple Cinderella's carriage, smiled and said "Truck! I need that truck!"

And Everett is becoming such a sweet, kind-hearted big brother. Sure he likes to torture Alice, but he usually wants to hug her and play with her. The other day she woke up from her nap inconsolably crying and he was determined to cheer her up. He offered her every toy he could think of, even some of his most beloved (which usually go strictly un-shared!) and was saying "You bootiful, Alice. Don't cry. You feel better soon." It was so sweet it literally made me cry. 

On Mother's Day I came down the stairs a little more dressed up than usual and he looked up me, made an exaggerated gasping noise and said "Mommy you a princess."

But he is definitely his absolute sweetest at bedtime. Every night he gives me a big hug when I kiss him goodnight and says "I luff you mommy. I luff you." Sometimes he'll quote one of his favorite books and say "I eat you up, I love you so." It just melts your heart. 

 Alice finally got her hands on the bubbles when Everett wasn't looking.