We've had our fill of indoor activities as this point! Painting, reading books, building blocks and puzzles and train tracks and singing. Sometimes we'll bring out the giant roll of kraft paper, and tape it down from the dining room to the living room, and let the kids draw on on a 20' canvas. Sometimes we'll take a tubby in the middle of the day. Sometimes we'll go into mommy and daddy's room and roll around on their bed. And when it's above about 25° we'll bundle up and head out into the backyard for as long as we can take the cold.

Weekdays have been rough, because walking to bus to go to school at 7:45am in (literally) 2° or 3° degree temperatures has not been fun. We bundle up as much as can and try to have fun walking on the snow, but by the time we get to school mommy's toes are numb and poor Everett's face is purple. We are ready for spring!