There's nothing like the warm, bright, Mexican sol to cheer up a bunch of snowbirds flying south for a winter break.

Sometime in the past 9 months, Alice forgot how much she loved the sand. Every time I tried to put her in it, she'd lift up her feet as if it was molten lava. She much preferred cuddling on our laps in the shade watching Everett build sandcastles and play tag with the waves while mommy and daddy sipped piña coladas.

Our hotel was beautiful, with colorful birds, colorful architecture, and all sorts of amazing areas to explore. There was a koy pond and giant sculptures, hammocks to jump in and rocks to climb, coconuts to collect and giant furniture to climb on.

It was also quite a long walk from our room to the restaurant and pool, so every day we meandered along a path alongside flowers and palm trees and even iguanas. Every so often we'd have to step aside to let someone in a golf cart pass, in which case both Everett and Alice would wave and shout "hola!".

And at night there were so many stars and Everett was mesmerized by them, trying to walk and look up at them at the same time, resulting in a stumbling, drunken stagger while marveling "aahh!".