Yes, chocolate ice cream and a cupcake in the same day. Lucky kid, I know.

Happy first birthday, sweet girl.

Shoulder-length hair, blue eyes that make strangers stop to give a compliment, and a sing-song voice. In this first year of her life we've seen her as an easy newborn that ate non-stop all day and slept through the night immediately. Then she became a baby who never cried (like, n.e.v.e.r.), idolized her older brother, loved splashing and swimming, and blew raspberries at her favorite people. Now she's becoming a toddler that dances at every opportunity, mimics sounds with startling precision, and engages strangers by shooting her hand out in their direction, flicking up her chin, giving a smile and saying "vuv."

She's so big that she wears the same size diapers as her brother and clothes made for kids more than twice her age. She takes every opportunity to make jokes and laugh. She never complains when her brother jumps on her or rolls over her, and she always wants to cuddle and hug and give kisses. She's just the most easy-going, laid-back and affectionate little girl I've ever seen, and I just can't wait to see what the next year brings.