It's really cute and sweet to see how interested Alice is in Everett and how accommodating he is to her (sometimes). She always wants to pat him and play with him, and on occasion he'll reciprocate and include her. At the very least, though, they're always making each other laugh. 

Alice, somehow, resisted the urge to eat sand most of the time she was sitting in it and Everett, somehow, resisted the urge to throw the sand most of the time he was running in it.

Sometimes we can't believe we live in New York City. There's moments – usually when we're driving across the Brooklyn Bridge – where we turn to each other and say "do we really live here?" And this was one of those times. Brooklyn Bridge Park is a treasure, complete with pristine playgrounds hidden behind landscaped gardens, beach volleyball right on the water, views to die for, and rooftop pizza. After removing all the cheese from Everett's slices (even by toddler standards, this kid's requests can boggle the mind), and picking broken glass shards off the ground (Alice chugged her bottle and then slammed it to the ground), the parents were able to enjoy a drink and the stunning views just as the sun was setting behind the Manhattan skyline. What could be better?