We had a ball at Grandma and Grandpa's house! Between all the dogs (especially Cooper and Gunner), the laundry hamper with a secret door into the world's funnest hiding place, and carpeted stairs you can slide down on your belly, there were a million fun things to do. Everett spent most his time coercing Grandpa to make pancakes and play the hilarious "snowman" (the preview of Frozen) over and over. Alice went around scooting on her knees saying "coo-poo" (for Cooper) and "snow" (for snowman) at all the penguins – hey – penguins do kinda' look like snowmen! 

 And Yia Yia and Papou even stopped by for a visit!

But even with all the presents and toys and running around, there is no form of entertainment that measures up to Grandpa Leroy! Keeping toddlers in captivated hysterics for over 10 minutes straight, laughing their heads off. Alice still remembers "oooh-ahhh" and the giggles.