The neighborhood is all dressed up for Halloween.

And so are we!

Our little pilot!

On Saturday we went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for their Ghouls and Gourds festival.

Everett was so thrilled to be wearing his astronaut costume! (Thank you Uncle Ian, for the best gift ever!) 

He kept asking when we were going to the rocket ship. It's so cute and really heartbreaking, because he really expects that to be the next logical turn of events, and doesn't understand why we're not going. After a slew of unsatisfactory responses, now we just say that we have to find one.

Alice was a little less enthusiastic. She kept removing her shoes, trying to get comfortable for a nap.

Even in this chilly time of year, the gardens are gorgeous.

Everett found a moon rock.

And destroyed all the corn husks, pulling them out, ripping them apart and stomping on them.

The next day we went to a party in the West Village.

It was really crowded, so we didn't stay long, but Everett played in the playground with a firefighter, a cop and someone from the Spanish Armada (I think), so it was tons of fun.

And he kept climbing as high as he could up a ladder or on a platform, shouting "To infinity and beyond" as he jumped off. 

The whole thing was a just adorable to the max – the cutest little kids in the cutest little costumes. They even had a horse-drawn-carriage hay ride!

We were confused by a sign in the window of one of our favorite bars, not sure if it's a Halloween prank or not. (If it is : genius!)

Enjoying a croqueenbouche and some sort of chocolate-muffin-concoction next to a pumpkin Woody was probably the highlight for Everett.

Our little astronaut.