Why, hello there, handsome.

 Hiding behind trees, jumping over logs, and playing with sticks. This is exactly why we love this neighborhood and the park.

And the trees this time of year.

Sad to think that a cold, long winter is coming, and that the trees will soon be bare. But the autumn colors are worth the sacrifice.

This time last year I was sitting on the bench nursing a tiny newborn. And now we have a little girl toddling around. I remember worrying about how we'll keep our eyes on two little ones at the playground at the same time and wondering how others seem to manage it. Now here we are, and thinking it would be an issue seems so silly. Everything falls into place.

And before we know it, she'll be chasing him up the ladders and they'll be going down the slide together. But for right now we'll concentrate on Alice perfecting this walking thing while Everett, literally, runs circles around her.