We spent every morning at Karathona Beach, and it was perfect. Pristine, shallow water allowed for playing in the sand or the water, and provided good swimming for both kiddos and grownups, as well as a stunning view of the mountains all around.

Morning meet up and coffee at the beachside cafe, Utopia, first.

I love what happens when we try to take family portraits. Everett immediately decides that he has to start bucking and whining at that exact moment, Alice sees her best chance to go for juice, and only one out of four of us is actually looking at the camera.

Everett kept asking if we could swim to the boat (behind us in this picture). I kept trying to explain that it was too far, and it wasn't our boat anyway, and... it would just lead to crying and disappointment. My cousin Kostis is much smarter. He just took Everett by the hand and saying "let's go!" It was the most effort Everett put into his swimming technique and he didn't even noticed that they never made it to the boat.

Twins, Constantina and Anastasis, are only a few weeks younger than Everett.


Alice sustained her first injury sitting at the water's edge where for the local honeybees go to pick up salt. A nasty sting left her hand swollen for days. Luckily, other than the initial first few minutes of pain, it didn't seem to bother her one bit. Especially since she got some extra love from everyone, especially her uncles Kostis and Costas.

Which was perfect, because she seemed to enjoy their company the most.

Post-beach lunch and play at Dina and Noulis's.