There's still water in the fountains at JJ Byrne.

Alice's first encounter with an interested suitor.

Most weekend mornings we hit one of the neighborhood farmer markets and playgrounds early enough to where it isn't crowded yet and we have all the time in the world before lunch and nap time. But sometimes we pack up in the car and go on a bona fide adventure. ("Oh, I know! I've a good idea. We go on venshure now." as Everett says.) An old school, Tribeca block party, complete with homemade popcorn, balloons, and Detroit rock-n-roll sounded like a venshure right up our alley.

Oops, we started off with a little bump on the face. Everett tried to gain sympathy by pointing out his red cheek, but it was nothing a few dozen balloons, sidewalk chalk, artisanal hazelnut ice-cream, and rock at 100 decibels couldn't cure.

"bye bye venshure."