Our second week in Greece was in Nafplio where much of the family spends the summer. For the first half of that week we stayed in a charming little farmhouse in a nearby village called Drepano. Only about 15 minutes from Nafplio, it has a couple bakeries, a gorgeous farmer's market, a post office... and not much else. Our little house was outside of the village, down a tiny dirt path off a tiny dirt path and perched just above the tree line in middle of an orange grove. A little swimming pool and patch of grass out front gazed out onto the treetops and the village of Drepano in the near distance. At least a couple times every day, we'd catch a tractor driving by, and every time we heard it coming we'd call out to Everett, who'd come running from wherever he was – full speed – to tiptoe against the wall, peek over the edge and get a glimpse of "ooh! tractor!" passing below.