Or, rather, bye-bye as Everett says. We had an absolute blast running around in backyards that went on as far as they eye can see, kitchens as big as entire city blocks, and restaurants that dedicate as much space to children playing as they do to adults eating. We spent more time in the car than we ever do at home, and really got to enjoy Everett narrarating from the back seat as we passed "oh! cranes!", "minmills" (windmills), drove up and down "big hills", over "bridge" and passed "oh! big rocks" and "big truck. More big truck. Big truck uh-gain!". And since we've been back he talks about his Southern friends a lot, reciting their names several times a day, remembering the milkyway that was on the ceiling above his borrowed big-boy-bed, the play "house" in the backyard that he never wanted to walk away from, the toys that were so numerous and mesmerizing he had to whisper the word when asking Mommy's permission to play with them, the fountain in the courtyard, and the pockpit on the airplane and how we look for our seats

"where's our seats? I don't know - oh - there they are! Seatbelts, click!".