Despite being dunked totally underwater three times in a row, drenched in olive oil, missing a nap, and having her first taste of alcohol on an empty stomach (a spoonful of communion wine) Alice looked so lovely in her fancy white dress. She handled the super long ceremony with astounding (yet typical) patience and grace, smiling most of the time, swatting incessantly at the priest, and gurgling in time with the chanting. The only time she complained during the whole ordeal was when the priest basically tried to drown her, and even then a surprisingly short burst of objection. Papou did an excellent job as Godfather, performing his duties excellently and displaying sheer brute strength, holding our heavy little angel for almost the entire hour and a half. Even Everett was on his best behavior, sitting quietly in the front pew wearing his little bow-tie and his most serious face. The church is so ornate and absolutely gorgeous, I only wish I was able to take more pictures.