This little girl has been way too big for the bassinet for months, but it's still sitting in our bedroom, taking up way too much floor space, blocking our view of the mirror and preventing me from opening my closet door all the way. The idea was that in case of emergency – Everett having a rough night and potentially waking her up, or her having a rough night and potentially waking him up – we could bring her out of the kids' room and into ours. And I think there might have been a couple instances when we did that, those first couple weeks we nervously put her to bed in the crib upstairs.

But that was months ago. And we couldn't put her to sleep in it now if we tried, she barely fits!

Every week we talk about packing up the bassinet and storing it in the basement, but we never get around to doing it. I guess we're just too busy or too lazy or too disorganized. And I keep thinking about how ridiculous it is that we have yet to clear it out since it's been longer that she has not slept in it than she did sleep in it. But seeing it there at the foot of the bed reminds me of those first magical weeks when she was a newborn. And it reminds me how she used to sleep so close to us. And how I'd just sit up to peek at her face and make sure she was ok. And how we'd tiptoe over to her in the morning. And even though I spend yet another week stubbing my toe on it when I trot across the room in the dark to jump into bed at night, and banging the closet door on it every morning, and having to use all my strength to lurch it out of the way to get a clear shot of myself in the mirror – the thought of moving it out breaks my heart a bit. 

This little girl is growing like a weed.