Anna's birthday party at Kidville was the catalyst for The Best Day Ever. It started with a visit to the pool where Everett and I have our Saturday morning swimming lessons, which is pretty sweet in itself. But the real magic kicked in after nap, when we got on the subway train together. Somehow we've managed to go all this time without ever having to take the kids on the subway (we always just drive wherever we need to go), but Kidville is only a few stops away, and Everett is big enough to appreciate public transportation. Riding the subway train was such a treat! He was such a good boy, saying "we go to the train now!" the whole walk to the station, and holding my hand the entire time we were underground. The whole thing was so exciting. And of course, right outside of the Carroll Street subway stop in the block between the station and Kidville is... a playground! Good thing we were 15 minutes early and had some time to play!  But nothing beat the actual party, where there was an indoor gym, a trampoline, dancing in bubbles, balloons and juice and red grapes and pizza! Getting sent home with a balloon was the icing on the cake, and Everett now putters around the house going "balloon, too," dragging it behind him everywhere he goes.