Halloween fell on a Thursday and Everett got to wear his costume to school. A few people actually stopped him on our way to the subway and asked if he was an astronaut. He was so shyly excited and proud about it, he'd bury his head in my shoulder, eyes cast downward, biting his lip, but with a huge smile. Once evening fell we all went outside to sit on the stoop and pass out candy.

Hey, what's that? Alice doesn't know what candy or chocolate is, but as soon as she saw a bowl full of it, she knew she wanted some.

Alice managed to take about five licks from a total of three or four lollipops, getting more in her hair and on her clothes and on the ground than in her mouth. I don't think she even liked the taste of it, but every time I took a muddy, dirty lollipop away from her she'd scowl at me and start to pretend cry. So I'd reluctantly give her a new one, as she'd start smiling, bouncing, and clapping, and as soon as she'd put it in her mouth she'd wince, hold it away, shiver, and give me a look like "what are you trying to do, poison me?"

Everett knows how to hold on to his lollipops. Part of astronaut training, I guess.