Alice has developed a new love for rubber ducks. She adopted (stole) a family of them from our friends in Texas, and insisted on sleeping with all of them in her bed for a week. How cute is this more simplified wooden duck?  

Alice needs a colorful duvet for her new, giant, twin-size bunk bed. Not too frilly, just girly enough.

A pretty new tutu-inspired dress to twirl in once spring comes. A little pricey, but how much would she love this! 

An adorable hanger to hang it on, lovely enough to display outside of the closet, right in the room.

A bunny light to keep her stuffed rabbits company while they "nap all day," as she says.

Playing soccer will be easier in a pair of sneaky shoes all her own and that actually fit. 

This book should ignite her animation, both in illustration and story.  

Albert Einstein said "If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales." By that estimation, Aesop's Fables should make her a genius.