• Who doesn't want to read about a new adventure before bedtime? Everett likes to "read" books on his own, and since this one has just pictures, it's the perfect opportunity for him to tell the story just as he sees fit and not how he remembers someone else telling it. And I like thinking that perhaps he'll imagine his sister as the hero, since it features a female lead.

• This book looks amazing, too. The real question is if I can get through it without breaking down. 

• A kite that's really a boat sailing in the sky, so he can continue a passion he discovered in Texas. 

• Santa will most certainly bring Everett the dragon he asked for. A red one.

• This already cold winter necessitates a new, comfy sweatshirt

• When it rains, we take our time walking to school, jumping in puddles and catching the drops on our tongue. A fun, new umbrella would make it even better.

• Everett is in dire need of a new pair of sneaky shoes. He 's had the same "sneaky shoes" (which he calls "dancing shoes") for about a year and they're falling apart. Plus Alice keeps stealing them to wear around the house.