Sometimes we'll go to a playground and Alice will just play with the gate the whole time, opening and closing it, locking and unlocking it. I had totally forgotten how Everett used to do the same thing at this age.

"The dinosaur is happy because... he saw ten pumpkins!"  Everett came home with this worksheet on the letter 'd' in his backpack, and given his costume this year, it's absolutely perfect. His response to why the dinosaur is happy is so cute, so sweet, so innocent, it just melts my heart! 

The kids really see and feel wonder and magic all around them: pumpkins piled up high on every stoop, giant spiderwebs covering the brownstones, brightly colored trees up and down the blocks, and a carpet of red, orange, and brown leaves on the sidewalk. It always had its charm for me, but now I can really appreciate how it translates to the little ones. Every morning on the walk to the bus stop, Everett sings about Autumn and talks about the colors and how it's Halloween time. He points out the giant spiders climbing up giant spiderwebs on the facade of the buildings and the scarecrows sticking out of potted plants and he loves all of it. One morning he woke up at the crack of dawn, insisting we make a spider for our house and carve another pumpkin. So sweet.