These two definitely know how to bicker. And quibble. And argue. Sometimes I think Everett's favorite thing to do is annoy his sister. Make her cry and then laugh about it. But most of the time they get along really, really well. And sometimes they are uniquely and unequivocally best friends. I've seen Alice accidentally bump Everett and then follow him around, patting him, apologizing "I sorry, Everett, I so sorry. You ok? You feel good?" And I've seen him run up to  her, throw both arms around her neck (gently) and tell her he loves her. Sometimes they have little conversations with each other that's half decipherable and half gibberish but with grown up intonations and tones, Alice going "yeah, I think so" and Everett agreeing "a little bit." And it's the most adorable, magical thing I've ever seen.

This was definitely one of those special, magic moments. They weren't fighting over who got to drive the train or sit in the chair. They weren't pushing each other off. They weren't even really playing together –but more like sharing the moment. Little angels and total besties.