"Wake up, Alice!" We were able to adjust our schedules to Greek time, meaning the kids stayed up until 11pm most nights, just like all the local toddlers. And even though they got an afternoon nap, it was still about 3 less hours of sleep than normal every day. But somehow, they weren't much worse for the wear. Must be our lucky attic room at the Grande Bretagne.

What a little cutie pie!

The cafe in front of the hotel overlooks the water and has a view of both castles, so it's the perfect place for an after-nap snack. Who wants more yogurt?

 "I'm a dinosaur! Rawr!"

These two are pretty sweet to each other. It's surprising how frequently they stop to hug and cuddle and show affection. It really warms our heart to see and stops us in or tracks every time. Alice does that sweet little squeal and nuzzles her face in Everett's shoulder, and Everett touches her cheek and tells her he loves her...

– sigh –

... And in a flash, the moment is gone.

... And in a flash, the moment is gone.