This was our local beach. We'd head down in the morning (any time before noon is early for Greeks), and be among the only ones there.

Abysmal service but tasty waffles, solid dakos, huge mugs of ice cold Mythos, and a fabulous view, we spent a lot of time at the beachside taverna here.

Pure joy!

(That is not a bruise on Alice's arm! It's ink from the floaties she wore.)

 Few activities are more fun than throwing rocks into the sea. Even Alice got into into it.

On the way back to the house we'd swing by the local bakery for little two-bite ice-creams, homemade, one for the kids, two for each grown up. Every time we stopped, Everett would point at the flowers out the window and say "Look, it's like Brooklyn!" since we have the same vine in our backyard.

And without a doubt, this guy has the best oranges in all of Kalyves. They taste like candy.