This place was even more beautiful than last year, if that's even possible. The landscaping was more lush, the views seemed more expansive, and the fragrant air was filled with lavender, rosemary, jasmine and the constant, distant lull of sheep, goats, and roosters. We were so happy to be back.

Everett would call out "Open sesame!" to open the big gate to the property every time we left or came back. And we all held our breath, sucked in our stomachs, clenched our fists and said a little prayer as we lurched up and around the steep "bumpy road" to the house.

 We hung out by the pool a lot! Pretty much all day, every day, first thing in the morning into the evening. Swimming, sunning, and just enjoying the amazing view.

We liked to talk about what we could see: The church with the dome on top. The "sun train" (as Everett called it), which was some metallic thing that caught the light, and I knew right away by his description what he meant. The goats that would wander below, looking for food. The many little churches. And the windmill that no one ever even noticed until Everett pointed it out!

Two cuddle bunnies.

We have no idea what spurred this, but randomly, out of the blue, these two would climb up on these little tables, stick out their thumbs, arms extended and announce that they were the "Statue of Liliby." Such New Yorkers. So cute.

There are lots of little nooks and crannies, and balconies (7 balconies? 8?), and giant steps to climb up and down, and landings to explore. Each surrounded by herbs and flowers and trees and bees and offered a unique and breathtaking view.