It's not a road trip without koulouri! We wore them on our heads, looked through them, turned them around and around, and eventually got around to actually eating them, too. The whole trip, Alice wore her "kitty cat glasses," which was so cute. Paired with her kitty shirt, she meowed all day, happy as a little girl could be.

 We stopped halfway through our drive for a swim and some lunch.

 Alice didn't swim, but still found a way to stay entertained.

 We got the best seat for lunch, just above the beach with a fabulous view of the beach below. When I asked the waiter if they had milk for the kids, he got so excited, proudly announcing that they have the freshest and most delicious milk on the island. He brought it out in little, lidded to-go coffee cups with little Greek flags in them. The kids were so thrilled that they were finally able to drink "coffee"!