It's hard not to feel more connected to nature out here. Eating fruit right off the trees, playing with stones and sticks, smelling all the plants and flowers, and simply being outside so much – it's good for the soul and great for us city kids.

 "Oh, look!" Stwawbewwies."

Everett decided we'd take the strawberry to the sheep as a present.

Alice is a little more interested in Cheerios.

"Sheeps? Where are you? I have a stwawbewwy!"

"Look, there's the sheep! Run, mommy, run. Run!"

The kids felt like they had built a rapport and were now friends with the sheep. They were so happy to see them again and sort of confused as to why the sheep weren't reacting to our arrival.

 "Maybe we can give them a stwawbewwy? Maybe?" (While trying to fish the squashed berry out of his pocket.) 

Turns out, the sheep weren't so interested in our stwawbewwy. Throwing it over the fence got no response. It was a little anticlimactic.

 "Ok, let's run!"

Everett is too fast for us to keep up.