The one-hour flight from Crete to Athens is such a breeze. It's really amazing to look out the window, down on the Aegean and identify each island as you pass over them. It really hits you that each island is just a giant (well, tiny!) rock sticking out of the earth so far that it rises above the sea and into the sky. And you get a real appreciation for the terrain and just how little of every island is developed.

We had one full day in Athens which we really made the most of. We spent the morning all together on the beach near the house, and then went into the city to explore.

 Alice likes to read the local newspapers.

 Our gorgeous neighborhood, Paleo Faliro.

Bags packed, in taxi, ready to get on the 10-hour flight home.

...10 hours, 4-viewings-of-Frozen-in-a-row-and-no-sleep-later, the troops are still pulling their own weight through passport control.

 But they barely made it through baggage claim and passed out on the car ride home. Gently carrying the kids up to their beds when we got home at 6pm – 3am Greece time – we were all totally exhausted and a little sad to be back.

NYTimes Magazine, you read my mind.