If not having daddy around for a whole week wasn't bad enough, we had a real, bona-fide medical emergency. One morning I woke up to the sounds of Everett and Alice chirping and giggling to each other as usual, and I hopped out of bed to get ready for the day. At some point, as I was getting dressed, I hear a blood-curdling shriek from upstairs and Everett in hysterics. I ran up and burst into his room and he was absolutely beside himself, practically hyperventilating.

Blue Bunny's ear had fallen off. Fallen off!! Blue Bunny's ear!!

Everett was in a panic and insistent that we had to get to the doctor immediately. I reassured him that I could perform surgery on Bunny, and he would be right as rain before breakfast. Not sure how I did it, but despite having a distraught Everett flapping on my lap, insisting on helping and grabbing at the scissors, and a hyper toddler running around wrapping thread around her neck and picking up needles, we were able to find thread the exact same bunny blue, and Everett's most beloved lovey is now, indeed, right as rain again. You can't even tell which ear it was.

 Everett is into dinosaurs lately. One of his favorite bedtime story books these days is a kids' encyclopedia book with every dinosaur, about 100 pages of each one illustrated, what they ate, etc. Everett has quite a few of the names memorized, I can't even believe it! He also always catches me when I try to skip a few pages (like I said, it's about 100 pages long!), remembering when we've left one out. Hilariously, the one he always gets wrong is one of his favorites – the classic T-Rex. He calls it Dinosaurus-Rex. So cute.

Being a single mom for 8 days straight means that on day 8 I'm taking liberties. Lazy, short cut liberties. Our big outing for the day was going to the playground behind the main playground at the school two blocks away. Not one of the real playgrounds in the neighborhood. Not even the playground at the school. The playground behind the school, which is a huge flat court with two basketball hoops and soccer goals and a small jungle gym area. But the kids absolutely love it, and they've actually been spending a lot of time there lately during the week kicking balls around. Apparently it's a hot spot for soccer practice.

So we took all three balls and headed over for a super lazy morning adventure. (Speaking of lazy, please excuse Alice's hair-do)

Alice played Goalie.

 "ye-yo ya-dda"

This is the look that, one day, will slay the ladies. And he's already perfected it.


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