We've had quite a few birthday parties this summer, but Kai's was one of the best! Everett was first a little confused about seeing his classmate Kai again – I think he thought that since school is over all the school friends disappeared as well. But he was so excited to reconnect with some old friends, learn how chocolate is made, and actually pick out a mold (airplane-shaped, natch) to make and decorate his very own. We've really neglected to expose the kids to too much dessert stuff, so the introduction of "sprinkles" – either chocolate or rainbow – and "toppings" in the form of chocolate chips and cookie crumbles really kind of blew his mind. When they asked who wanted sprinkles and all the kids cheered, he went from clueless... to intrigued... to downright amazed.


I think we've created a monster.

 It's hard to top a party that offered up chocolate, chocolate covered cookies, ice cream covered in chocolate syrup, and of course thprinklth, but we did our best, belting out "Let It Go" in the car and heading to Brooklyn Bridge Park.

We took a shortcut back to the car through the Adam Yauch playground (pretty appropriate as it happened to be the 25th anniversary of Paul's Boutique). Funny how they had just as much fun playing there as they do at super fancy jungle gyms and playgrounds.