As I was drying off the baby the other night, Everett managed to wriggle the cap off a brand new shampoo bottle

and manufactured an absolutely epic bubble bath. I looked away for a split second to wrap the baby up in her towel, and when I glanced back at Everett he was enshrined in a wall of bubbles. Only then did I notice that he'd stopped saying rocket ship and waving his arms around above his head with the bottle, and was very still saying bubble bath! They absolutely mesmerized him, he spent forever just slowly moving around and watching how they reacted: slamming a wide open hand into a pile of bubbles, but raising a clenched fist and opening it to reveal nothing but water. Finally getting them to stick to his hand or a toy, only to melt away immediately. Trying to corral a hoard of them floating above the water into a corner, only to have his hand go right through them. A $20 bottle of fancy baby shampoo gone in the blink of an eye, but worth every penny to watch his discovery and newfound fascination. 

Those eyelashes! Sigh. And they're even longer in real life.