We had a great conversation with Santa about what we want for Christmas. Everett still wants "a dragon. A red one!" and Alice wants a unicorn. They were both tickled pink to have the chance to sit with Santa, and both had that nervous/excited/shy smirk on their faces, but not so shy that they weren't happy to chat for a while.

They squealed with delight when he let out a big "ho, ho, ho!"

And again when they each got a lollipop!

Alice made some woodland friends, whispering to them, asking the deer and the owls what they want for Christmas.

Eating the lollipops in the car was our attempt to contain the mess, but I forgot to account for Alice's hair, which became a sticky, dreadlocked mess. By the time we got to the river and Everett was calling out the names of the three bridges, Alice had more hair in her mouth than candy. And she spent the rest of the day smelling like sweet, sugary, peppermint.