"Here, Everett. You want this umbella or this umbella?" Alice is a really good sharer.

We were so excited to go to a birthday party at the puppet show place down the block: Everett was excited to see his friends, especially the birthday girl, Eileen, whom he always gets extra shy and smiley about. Alice was really excited for the puppets and kept asking about "Kai" (we saw the Snow Queen last time we went). And  I was excited because it was a mere half a block away and couldn't have been any more convenient. In the end it was loads of fun – they so loved Sleeping Beauty, Alice sitting right up front, Everett sitting in the back row. At one point I noticed, in the dark, Alice scooted back to Everett's side, he wrapped his arm around her, and for a second I saw both their profiles facing each other, nose to nose, sharing the moment as Aurora pricked her finger on the rose and fell into her slumber.

And oh, how fondly remember our excursion to Eileen's birthday last year! What an adventure it was.