All Hallow's Eve














While the big kids partied in the auditorium with a dj (!) and dancing, the little kids stayed upstairs to play games.

Cuties in pre-k 3.





All the accoutrements of Halloween have a been a big hit, from pumpkins to the books to the art projects. 


They can both recite this one by heart.

















Time to go trick or treating! 






The neighborhood really goes all out for Halloween! So many creative costumes and amazing decorations, sidewalks full of people. It was such fun to see these two shimmy their way up to the houses and ask for candy, after which Alice would whip around and make eye contact with me, burst into a huge grin and squeal "I remembered to says thank you!!" every time. It was ridiculously cute.


We got home right as dusk settled in and our block was getting more and more full of trick-or-treaters. Both kids were eager to sit on the stoop and help hand out candy, Everett especially, the pillar of politeness, not only saying trick-or-treat to them (before they could say it to us!) but also wishing everyone a Happy Halloween. He even gave out his own candy from his pumpkin! There wasn't even a second thought, they never questioned it, never hesitated or wanted to keep any candy for themselves, just gave everything away. Well, we did each eat a few in the process. It was all just really cute.