Ladybug Kids





What's better than having a bunch of pumpkins in the house? Watching TV with them on the couch. 




On our way to see Beauty and the Beast at the puppet show. (Alice keeps saying "Sleeping Beauty and the Beast.") Since it's only a block away, we can leave our coats and bring pumpkins. 






Leaves everywhere! They're so beautiful and charming, despite the depressing fact that it means the trees will soon be bare. Seeing the sidewalks blanketed with yellow and orange and red is so lovely, and under every tree is a different pool of colors and textures. Sometimes you just have to stop to take a closer look. 

(I love Everett's sarcastic little wave at the end.) 


After a puppetshow, there's nothing more appropriate than putting on your Ladybug dress for a visit to the park. This close to Halloween, nobody even bats an eye.





"Can you hold my magic wand?"










Snack break. 






After such an exhausting bout of soccer, sometimes you need to wander off and find a nice, quiet place to rest.


"I'm just exhausted. I need to just sit here all day." 










This time of year the park is more and more beautiful every day. And the ground is covered with acorns and pods and burs and pinecones and all sorts of unusual and unidentifiable treasures. We couldn't figure out what this was – some kind of bright green fruit that Alice insisted "Ladybugs don't eat this."











The day after Alice got her Ladybug dress we randomly and coincidentally got this book: Ladybug Girl. Maybe partly because of the dress, but mostly because of the charming illustrations and compelling story, both kids love it, and one of them, inevitably, picks it as their book to read at bedtime. It's been two weeks and we've read it probably 10 out of 14 nights. The book does a great job of capturing the grand imagination of a child, how full of possibilities and full of adventure the world seems, and how big and powerful they feel... until some outside entity reminds them how small they are. I can see both Alice and Everett react to various passages and moments in the book, and it's something else. It made me so happy that they both can (figuratively or even quite literally) be Ladybug GirlI, and embody that spirit of empowerment and adventure.