A trip to the zoo

It's such a beautiful walk through the park, especially this time of year, when everything is just about to change colors but still green, already smells like fall but the air is not too cold yet.



















With lots of hungry little snouts to feed, the barnyard animal section is where we spent most of the day.


 "Oh, look a baby cow! She's just like me!"
















Just milking some cows. They would have stayed there, working, for as long as we would have let them – we had to drag them away. 








But the highlight is always the sea lion show. 











After a long walk there and lots of walking around in the zoo, it was an extra-long walk back. Everett didn't really start complaining until he last few blocks when he announced "I'm ezz-aw-sted. I need a nap."  Oh, shhh, Everett's sleeping!