Adventures in our own backyard

After neglecting the backyard for way too long (since before we left for Greece!) a good, thorough clean-up was long overdue. Everything was overgrown, many of the vines having overtaken our plants and weeds growing tall and strong. Scott prepared to spend an afternoon working out there, but of course as soon as they saw him in the back, the kids insisted on "helping," too. Everett even got "work gloves" like daddy's and took the responsibility of making sure all the clippings got picked up.




"Everett are you helping Daddy?" 


This is his shy-but-proudful face. He felt like such a big boy and such a good worker. 




"Look! A nay-al!"


Finding them under the trimmed leaves, Alice rescued a few.


One crawled away, off the ledge into the flowerbed, but the other two stayed to play with Alice. She had lots to say to them.


"Their eyes look like this!"


"Here Wally, here's a stick to eat."