Neigh! It's our birthday!

Jane's Carousel is nestled between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge, right on the Hudson River, overlooking the Manhattan skyline. Not too shabby for a birthday party!

We got special VIP bracelets which meant we could skip the line and ride the carousel as many times as we wanted. Alice could not wait to jump on a horse and go for a spin.





Over 90 years old, the horses don't look a day older than Alice. 


Alice didn't want to get off!





Even the boys loved it.











Melina and Everett played trumpets and searched for dinosaurs. 






Who loved the carousel more – Alice or Cousin Eliza? Pretty close call.


Maybe the best birthday present was this balloon-as-sword, bought by a friend on-site after Everett fell in love with it. 






A real swashbuckler.












These two. Peas in a pod.




"Oh, Hi, Alice."

"Can I have a hug?"






"I like your party. Are you having a happy birthday?" 






 Practicing her dance moves...


...and making up a few of her own.




T H R E E  Y E A R S  O L D.  How did that happen already? And yet at the same time it's as if she's always been three, always been just like this. Chatty and sweet and kind and generous. Willing to give up a toy at any time to someone else who wants it. Eager to cuddle at an moment. Saying "this is my song" any time a song comes on the radio and "No this is everyone's song" anytime anyone else says "this is my song." The way she asks "Can I have Daddy?" every single night when I kiss her goodnight and say it's bedtime (somehow pronouncing it more like Dally than Daddy). How much she loves to pretend to be Penguin and tells me to be the Leopard Seal and then says "go to sleep Leopard Seal" and squeals with delight as I fake snore and bursts into uncontrollable laughter when I pretend to wake up and eat her. How she copies everything Everett says (and does) and can actually keep up with everything he says and does. And what a happy, happy, happy little girl. (Or as she would say "I'm not happy little girl, I'm A L I C E !"




F I V E  Y E A R S  O L D.  How did that happen already? Our first born, baby boy was just a toddler and now he's literally sending letters in the mail, asking if we know four plus three is seven, saying he wants to go to Paris, and insisting that he has "work to do on the computer." He can be so serious, looking you right in the eye, eyebrows raised, nodding vigorously with a slight frown when he's done saying something serious, for emphasis. Or using bursts of wild hand gestures to indicate emphasis when he's excited. He's interested in time and how long it takes to get to different places ("how many hours to London? Oh, so it's near Germany?") or before something happens ("How many minutes until Christmas?"). He makes the most impressive and unique drawings of categorized items or themes and designs with numbers in succession or repetition, graphed out, linear, geometric, and symmetrical. And every morning when I drop him off at school, without fail, he gives me the biggest hug and the biggest kiss and insists on kissing my palm and then closing my hand into a fist, looking me straight in the face, and with all seriousness telling me to "hold it tight all day, ok?" I love that he still confuses dinner and breakfast and lunch and he still sleeps with his Blue Bunny and every single evening at bedtime he asks me to "please cuddle with me in my bed all the night until morning."