One last day in Athens












It's becoming a tradition to spend our last day in Athens the same way: morning at the beach with the kids, and the afternoon in the city alone, shopping, strolling, and sightseeing. So after our late morning swim, we strolled back through our beautiful neighborhood, chasing cats, admiring houses, and stopping at the market for one last glance at produce so amazing we won't see anything like it until we come back here next year.



One last karpouzi for Alice before we go.

The figs! Delicious right off the trees, but available for purchase, too. And Prickly Pears sweeter than I've had even in Mexico.



Before we came to Greece we promised the kids "swimming every day and ice cream every day." And they were not shy about holding us to our word, even up to the last day. "Mommy, I want this one. No this one. Both of thems."



I hadn't been to the Panathenaic Stadium in years. Even though it was so hot we thought we'd faint, it was well worth the time and effort to walk through. And it's just amazing to imagine people standing/sitting/competing on that soil throughout time, all the way back to a few hundred years BC. 

And in the noisy, bustling city, it's a stunning respite. One minute you're dodging traffic and the cacophony of the city, and the next minute – within the ancient, marble walls – it's so hushed, so unstirring (despite it's vastness) you really could hear a pin drop.

Who once sat in these thrones?


And then out of the quiet into Athens. I love the city, and I love that we were able to see it after the madness. The fact that it was Monday – and the first Monday after summer – technically September – meant we were among only a few tourists walking around. 

A few of our favorite corners.






Goodbye, Athens. Next year we'll spend more time. Promise.