I Recall Central Park in the Fall

One evening, at bedtime, I was cuddling with Everett and he pointed at the pictures of us hanging on the wall across the room. He asked how long ago it was and remarked at how little he and Alice were. I asked if he thought we need new pictures of us, and he said yes. It had been about a year and a half since the last time we did family portraits, so we were definitely due. Especially because Alice is still a toddler in those pictures and now she's quite definitely nowhere near toddler-hood, but a bonafide a little girl. (Excuse me, "a big girl!")

Is there a more perfect setting or time of year

Or more perfect kiddos?



If only were always as angelic as they look here.






At least we got one picture of all four of us! 























Every leaf a unique pattern and a unique combination of colors. This really is such a remarkable time of year, where each tree has a puddle of color (or colors) beneath it, entirely different in tonality and texture than the next.

Just in view of where we took pictures, we could see a playground. Let's go!



It was early and chilly, and we were practically the only ones in the park, let alone the playground. It still stops us in our tracks – playing amidst this foliage under the shadow of the historic buildings and fancy new high-rises. The city is such a special, amazing, wonderful place to be. And to raise kids.

I can't remember what happened – did Alice fall? (She's still at that stage where instead of actual running she just hurls her body forward at max speed as her legs try to keep up). Was she just exhausted after the adventure? Did we say it was time to go and she want to keep playing? I'm not sure. But I do remember poor little Alice being broken hearted and doing everything to comfort her. Our faces say it all in this picture.

Luckily, no matter what the disaster, it's never anything a little break and drink won't fix.

We'll never be able to cross West 59th Street south of Central Park without looking for Chestnut. We didn't see him this time, but we did see this handsome steed.

A little princess waiting for her french toast.