A trip to see Lady Liberty

Just a regular (gorgeous and oddly warm) Monday afternoon turned into a really special day. I met the kids at school to pick them up (surprise #1), where we got on the 5 train, which Everett has been wanting to ride for months "like I'm 5!" (surprise #2)...




Where we went to a castle (surprise #3), to get on a boat (surprise #4)...

Already so many surprises and they still didn't know the real surprise – we were headed to "The Statue of Liliby!"



Even though you can't see the Chrysler Building or the Empire State Building, the view of lower Manhattan is still a pretty nice one. Everett insisted he could see his school (he couldn't) and they were excited to see the Verrazano from out in the water. Alice kept saying "we were there and now we're here!" which cracked up everyone on the boat. She also pointed at the buoys, saying "look, boaties!"
















*That missing front tooth! 




I was disappointed when I realized the boat at the dock was headed for New Jersey and we had to wait a few more minutes for the last boat back to Manhattan, but it ended up being perfect because there were only a few of us on it and the sun was just starting to set. 




 We got to see Lady Liberty bathed in the salmon glow of the setting sun as we waited for the boat to leave, and then it was an entirely new site to see her so close-up with her lights turned on, just as we started to round the corner to see her face, as night was starting to falling.










And then , within just a few minutes, all the light was gone and it was most definitely nighttime. And it got very cold very fast, but there's nothing like seeing the city all lit up from the water. It's a rare sight and stops me in my tracks every time. It glitters and sparkles, and the reflection off the water is magic. And even though it was only about 5:15pm or so, with the cold, strong wind, the empty boat, the dark sky and emerging twinkling stars, it felt like it was the middle of the night and we were the only ones awake, out in the water. And even though the surprise was over, it felt like we were just beginning to embark on a great adventure.