This unseasonably warm weather is allowing us to take long walks and hang out in the park every weekend. 







Sometimes, if we're lucky, we'll see horseback riders in the park and Alice will watch them, mesmerized, as long as we let her. And as soon as we get home, she's ready to go horseback riding herself, wrapping Wally's leash around her horse as a muzzle, or wrapping it around herself as her cowgirl harness. Topped off with her red Jessie cowgirl hat, she's ready to saddle up.








After one particularly tiring adventure, Alice fell asleep on the way home and didn't even wake up after being carried inside and laid on the chair. We tried our best to be extra quiet, but ended up in the living room a few feet away, to build a train track. After a certain point, just after completing construction of the second bridge, Everett looked over at Alice and then back at me. He paused what he was doing, stood up and got a blanket out of the cabinet. He tiptoed over to her. as quietly as he could and covered her with it, making sure to tuck it around her legs and under her chin. I thought it was the sweetest thing ever, and was all ready to give him a big hug and kiss, except that as he started to tiptoe back to me at the foot of our train track, he stopped, looked me right in the eye, raised a finger and nodded (to indicate just a minute), turned back to her and as slowly and gently as he possibly could, bent down to kiss her, softly. on the forehead. So sweet and so earnest, it was enough to make my heart burst.