-10° with the windchill (give or take), so we had no choice but to return to the Brooklyn Museum of Art for the second time in three weeks. 

There's a huge indoor track for running around in circles. It's not a track, you say? Well, we beg to differ. These two could hardly slurp down their juice boxes before running laps back and forth along the front windows, past the main doors, over the floor heating vents, and straight through the cafe chairs.

...Promptly followed by a bit of an energy slump...

Energy crash, really.

But nothing a couple "cookie bars" and goldfish can't fix.

But nothing a couple "cookie bars" and goldfish can't fix.

Ok, ready to go see some art?

The first thing they wanted to see was "the big giant eye" which is what they remembered most from last time. It's conveniently located right by the lobby, in a pretty wide open space where you can do nonstop hug-wrestle-circle-spins without bumping into hardly anyone.

But the best part was meeting up with friends.