Very few things in life are better than licking batter off the spoon. 

...Especially when it looks like this outside.

"I be right back, ok? Ok. One minute, ok? Ok." Alice keeps excusing herself to go upstairs and get something out of their bedroom. Lately it's been her stash of hair clips – she climbs down the steps holding her little box of flowers and bows and asks for each and every one to be put in her hair.

She returned just in time to get a warm cupcake right off the baking rack. After a very dramatic attempt at taking a bite, she announced "I don't like it! Can I have an abcd cookie?" (the moniker she made up after spotting the numbers on their box: Whole Foods' "365" brand). Those are her favorite and we think it's hilarious that she came up with such an amazingly accurate (but not) name for them.

"I wan my coo-kie. Where is it?"

Alice seems to not like chocolate – she always gets a bitter face and recoils. So in this case, preferring boxed cookies to homemade muffins is forgiven.