Not the most imaginative indoor activity, but painting is so much fun, and it was nice to break out some oil paints as opposed to the usual watercolors. Everett and Alice each had a canvas, a myriad of colors to choose from, and an intense focus on their pieces. Alice had a swirl technique going.

She started out heavy on the pinks and purples, but eventually ended up using every color to some degree, devolving into a muddy/greeny/brown.

Eventually Alice cast aside her sponges and brushes and dove in, using her hands. It was really messy, a little scary, and her shirt ended up in the trash. But she had a blast. And ended up so happy with her final product.

Running around the house, hands dripping with paint, hopped up on an artistic high, I chased her around in circles until I eventually yelled out "Alice, stand still like a statue!" She immediately, almost instinctively, snapped into position – one arm straight up the other down by her side – chirping "I'm the Statue of Liliby!" So cute! And luckily also the perfect position for me to wrap that hand up in a wet towel. 

Everett picked out the perfect place to hang their paintings. Sometimes I'll actually catch him standing, gazing at them with a look of contemplation (and admiration) on his face. It's hilarious.

And then we helped daddy make cookies.

The heat of the oven and the smell of the cookies hung in the dining room all evening, making the coziest atmosphere for a zero-degree-and-snowing-outside winter evening.