The fox and the Lion went out to play

"Is melting!"

Finally, some decent temperatures, and although the kids have been sick for over a week and we'd gotten a ton of snow the day before, it was high time we got out of the house.

These two!

Everett and Alice took turns selling ice cream. "What kind of ice cream you want? Ok... here's chocolate. Wanundred dollars, please." And Alice, continuing the pantomime, licking her cone and remarking "it's delicious!"

This age, where nothing is more interesting than a gate you can open and close, lock and unlock, hide behind and look through.

The school was having a fair and Everett saw a kid with a slinky. He ran up to me and told me "I want this thing that goes like this" and then made wild gestures with his hand gesticulating. A family leaving the fair had given me their extra tickets, so we were able to jump in and get 2 rainbow slinkies. It was pretty much the greatest thing Everett had ever seen.  

First, a lesson in slinky physics...

A little practice...

Technique mastered!

The fox and the lion, co-conspirators.