Two little Easter bunnies

Finally a warm(ish), sunny day! Before our excursion to the park, Everett, armed with a crayon, came up to me and said he wanted to paint a bunny face. So I took some eyeliner and gave them both a nose and whiskers. Extra appropriate since it was Easter Sunday, and even more so since we were going to the park to explore. 

They will stop dead in their tracks at the most random times to give each other a hug. It's the sweetest thing.

And then team up together to accomplish a common goal – like rolling this "over there."

Lots to explore in the park! What's in this hole? What happens if I stand on this? If I hide behind this will they find me? If I run in circles will they catch me? Just like real little bunnies.

Finally! A tangible sign of spring. We've heard birds chirping and we know the calendar says it's April, but there hasn't been any real proof of an actual spring until this tiny little patch of crocuses caught our eye. What a welcome sight.

There she goes again, with the gate!

Turns out little girls like playing with sticks just as much as little boys.