Dealing with a bit of a lapse in coverage, I played hooky one morning and took the kids on an adventure, starting with a quick picnic in Cadman Plaza.

"You sit right here, mommy!"


These two must have spent 10 minutes running around and around the monument. They couldn't get enough.

But this view always stops us dead in our tracks.

They could have stared at the bridges for hours! With all the boats and water taxis and helicopters – even a blimp – and just all the towers, there is so much to see, and I don't think these two have never spent so long standing so still!  


Alice couldn't wait to play on this sculpture/bench.

They have extended Brooklyn Bridge Park and the pathway along the river so that it connects all the way to Pier 6. And what a lovely walk it is! There's lots of little nooks and crannies, a few "secret passageways" (that's what I called them and that's what they felt like!) and of course the views of Manhattan! We saw a beach, kayakers, the perfect spot to admire the Statue of Liberty, and even sailboats. 

I love Alice's technique for getting a better look across the river at Lower Manhattan. 


I wonder what they're thinking, gazing out at those giant towers and at this view!


With all the playgrounds, fountains, slides, and swings, they have the most fun just climbing on the benches and marching back and forth. it's so adorable.





And we even found magic beans! We threw this one into the East River and watched it float away until a boat passed and the waves in its wake finally swallowed it up. 



Since we were so close to where we were for Everett's field trip a few weeks ago, I had to try to get a picture of Alice sitting on the wall in front of the Brooklyn Bridge, too.  



This sculpture is as amazing in real life as it is in pictures. And not quite as disorienting as you would think. As you walk up, it's immediately enchanting and intriguing. And then you walk into it, and it's a pretty magical experience.

We almost fell over laughing as we chased each other through it.